Teatro Mistral is auditioning for:

Il Trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi.
4 performances in August/Sept. 2017
Rehearsals begin in June. Most roles open. Possible Double casting.
Stipend pay for Principals only.

Leonora,  a noble lady at court – soprano (1c*)
Azucena, gypsy – mezzo soprano (1c*)
Inez, attendant of Leonora – soprano tenor (1c*)
Manrico, chieftain for the rebellion – tenor
The Count di Luna, noble of the court – verdi baritone (1c*)
Ferrando, a captain of the guard under di Luna – bass
Ruiz, a soldier in Manrico’s service – tenor (1c*)
An old gypsy – baritone  or possibly casting a woman
*(1C-1 singer already cast)
Chorus: 4-8 singers.
Please contact our chorus mistress Ellen Yeung  eyeung11@yahoo.com

Cafe Cantante! an ongoing project featuring the music of Spain and Latin America
in conjunction with Teatro Latino and Andanza Spanish Arts
(theatre, poetry, music and dance)
Singers of all fachs committed to the in depth study of the Spanish repertoire
will be considered

Concert featuring the music of Maurice Ravel, February  2018
Performances at Clarion Music Performing Arts Center
Four singers – all fachs will be considered

Opera Cocktales, First Wednesday of the month at Martuni’s
If you are interested in practicing your craft at the Bar, please indicate your interest at the audition.