♦♦♦“What intrigues you about and/or attracts you to a collaborative performance like this one with Teatro Mistral”?

First and foremost, Vismaya and I are longtime friends and supporters so it is befitting that I partake in her latest vision and creation.  Second, our artistic collaborations have always involved music and dance numbers juxtaposed and intertwined in an organic and poetic way.  I love programs where the audience’s palette is whetted by vignettes of poetry, music and dance, which, in fact, are all part of a similar whole.

♦♦♦“How do you translate an idea or emotion from music into specific physical motion?”  

My process always starts with the music.  It usually “finds” me, meaning, I listen to a song and the tonality, chords, vocals immediately connect with emotion(s) inside me.  There is no thought, just a visceral reaction.  Then, like a painting the movement ideas usually just flow.  The more I listen to the track the clearer the idea becomes.  It is pretty magical.  I am not intellectually “trying” to do something, rather, I am trying to create a visual image to match the emotion of the song.  I do the same with pieces/genres that are given to me by others to be choreographed, but since I didn’t choose the composition I have to listen over-and-over until I am able to connect to it and interpret it in a way that makes both musical and theatrical sense.

♦♦♦“What inspires you as a dancer/artist?  In other words, what keeps your passion for dance burning bright?”

I continually inspired by artists who are not only striving for excellence at their craft but who also think “out-of-the-box”.  I attend as many live performances as I am able.  I continuously research on youtube.  I take class in different movement styles to challenge my mind and body.  I collaborate.  I think that collaborating is fantastic.  It doesn’t always produce something transcendental but the process is always a learning one.  I think that stagnation is the death of any artist and it terrifies me.  Luckily I possess this wonderful and therapeutic gift that accompanies me every day of my life and pours out of me on a moment’s notice!


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